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In the realm of Asian handicap betting, the -1 handicap is a favored betting type among experienced players. So, what exactly is this type of bet? Let's delve into this concept with the experts at Wintips to assist players in improving their success rates in betting.

Understanding the -1 Handicap Bet
The -1 handicap bet is one of the commonly favored and widely played types of wagers today. Let's simplify this form of betting with football tips prediction tomorrow from Wintips:

What is the -1 Handicap Bet?
The -1 handicap bet, also referred to by betting enthusiasts as the '1-draw' bet, is a prevalent betting method in many current betting establishments. Essentially, when the favored team wins by a margin of exactly one goal, participants who placed their bet on the underdog will get their stake back.
This type of wager typically appears in matches where there's a certain disparity between the two teams. However, this doesn't guarantee a win for the favored team, as unexpected situations often arise in the realm of football that players cannot foresee.

Calculation of the -1 Handicap Bet
This type of bet follows a similar win/lose calculation as other prevalent bets in the current market. Specifically:
If the favored team wins over the underdog by a margin of two goals or more (e.g., 3-1, 2-0, 3-0, 5-2, etc.), participants who bet on the favored team will win money according to the odds set by the bookmakers. Conversely, those who placed their bet on the underdog will lose their entire stake.
If the favored team wins over the underdog by only one goal (e.g., 1-0, 3-2, 5-4, etc.), the bookmakers will refund the stake to the participants, regardless of which side they placed their bet on.
If the favored team loses to the underdog by any scoreline, then participants who bet on the underdog will win the entire stake according to the established odds. Conversely, those who bet on the favored team will lose their entire betting amount.

Guide on How to Read 1 Handicap Betting Odds for Players
Understanding how to read 1 handicap betting odds can significantly improve the chances of winning when participating in football betting. Below are some ways to interpret this type of odds as detailed by Wintips:
Let's say in a football match between Arsenal and Southampton in the Premier League, Arsenal is the favored team with Southampton having a 1-handicap. The betting odds in this match are set at 1.75 for the favorite and 2.25 for the underdog.
If a bettor places 100,000 VND on Arsenal and Arsenal wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, the bet on the favorite will win: 100,000 * 1.75 = 175,000 VND. Meanwhile, anyone betting on the underdog will lose 100,000 VND.
If a bettor places a bet of 100,000 VND on Southampton and Southampton wins against Arsenal by any score, the bet on the underdog will win: 100,000 * 2.25 = 225,000 VND. However, the bet on the favorite will lose 100,000 VND.
If a player bets 100,000 VND on both Arsenal and Southampton, and Arsenal wins against Southampton by only 1 goal, the bookmaker will refund the 100,000 VND to the player who placed bets on both outcomes.
Brighton Knock Out Holders Liverpool From FA Cup With 2-1 Win – Channels  Television

Tips for Playing with 1 Handicap Betting
Here are some useful betting tips app download for betting with a 1-handicap:
This type of betting usually appears when there's a certain disparity between two teams at the current time. Bet on the favorite when the favored team has a home advantage and a significant gap in the league standings.
If the attacking capability of the favored team has been exceptional in recent matches and the underdog's defense isn't strong, consider betting on the favorite.
If the underdog is playing at home, has a solid defense, and is in good form, consider betting on the underdog.
In situations where the favored team scores first with the handicap and the odds suddenly decrease, consider betting on the underdog.
Monitoring the odds movement by the bookmakers before the match starts is crucial. Consider betting on the underdog if the handicap odds for the favorite decrease to 0.75 before the game ends or if the 1 handicap odds remain but the odds for the underdog decrease.

Considerations for 1 Handicap Betting
To avoid unnecessary mistakes and win big in 1 handicap betting, players should consider the following:
Set a clear amount for betting at online sportsbooks and avoid betting everything at once. Increase the betting amount when confident based on accurate analysis and predictions.
When betting on a 1 handicap, closely observe the match to assess the favored team's potential victory margin. If the underdog is stable and not making many mistakes, consider betting on the weaker team for a chance to win.
Though this type of betting is relatively challenging, players can place bets by observing the teams' playing style and accurately assessing their current strengths.

This article by the Football section at Wintips aims to guide football betting enthusiasts on playing with 1 handicap odds. Remember this information to consistently win when engaging in online football betting. Wishing players accurate predictions and substantial winnings in the shortest possible time.

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